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Lefkada is the only island which can be accessed only with your car without using a ship or ferryboat, one linked to the mainland Greece with the floating bridge, which allows the passage of both vehicles and vessels.


Access to the island

  • Through the highway Rio – Antirio
  • By bus from the station, Stratigraphic Thessaloniki
  • On the plane to the airport of Aktion, 20 minutes from the city center
  • With yacht. (The island has a marina and many natural harbors)

In Exanthia you can enjoy your coffee in the traditional coffee shops that exist in our village.
Also for your stay you can find luxurious rooms with great views of the Ionian Sea.

Tel: (+30) 6941686866 – 2645099355

Email: contact@amalia-apartments.gr


Panorama Villas

Tel: (+30)697 965 4058 – (+30) 698 109 7338
Email: info@panorama-villas.gr

Tel: (+30) 6977223977
Email: aimilig@yahoo.gr